Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sorry for no update !

Is been a while that I didn't update my blog ! The reason is because I'm working (internship) for 3 months plus !

I'm working at Kuka Robot Automotive since 1st Sept 2009. Till now I still remember the 1st day of working experience at there !

The colleague there are nice, but you know some of the people there are very ACTION (just because they worked more than 5 years) there !

Yet, I still can survive 2 months at there ! hahaha. Abit proud to myself, can stand them for so long and without showing any bad manners/tempers to them !

I can guess most of the people read about this blog doesn't know what kind of job I'm doing there.... you guys should guess bout what ? of course is swiping the workshop la, move this box to here and there la, clean this and clean that la, report this to him and her la.... Is just like a super duper low class people !
more teruk than the Cleaner KAKAK....

As day go by days, a senior Engineer on project team is back ! He treating me 180 degree different from other, teach me alot of things, and etc... At that moment, I swear to myself, before i leaving the company, I'll sure buy him a big big meal or a present for teaching me so many things ! I hereby wanna thank him from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Mr.K.F.Lai

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily Crap....

Hari-hari pergi Uni by car, petrol burn cepat,
main bola at mph,
jadi sakit otot,
balik rumah bau macam jatuh ke loji.

Malam keluar yum cha at mamak petrol no more,
at mamak saw leng lui feel so lonely,
kawan call me faster find 1 girl friend,
make me so desperate,
jadi saya crap at here..

sian sian sian...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lost in way...........

Lately i feel myself lost in somewhere...
There is nothing that really make me serious on it..
Feeling so lost in myself...

Some of my brother (Heng Dai) recognize me some pretty girls but non of them that make me got feel...
I guess i should just concentrate on my studies... faster get my degree cert then I'll fighting for my aim in life that it ---> work and stay with my family at Japan/Korea.
Work for a JARSL (Japanese Astrology Robotic Science Lab)... i really hope so...

hopefully this coming 27th can return my soul back...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Universe !

Lately i was very interested watching at the Astro History Channel (555 in case you don't know) ! Because of no internet for 1 week, i have no choice to watch astro alone !
First i was quite interested in this topic since when i was a kid ~

The word ~ UNIVERSE ! How much you know about it ???
According to Prof. Michio Kaku, Prof. of physician graduated from Harvard Uni.
He said, There is another Me in the universe at the another Earth, but the another me are not the same in where I'm here right now. Maybe the Me have a different characteristic and have another ability, or maybe is a Genius or good in sports. Do you believe it or not ?

And another thing is, from ancient there are 2 books that says we going to have DOOMS DAY at 2012. Here is the 2 book, The book of the Handsaddam, and Ancient calender of The Great MAYA (knows at Mecico city today).

Believe it or not??

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MIA = Missing In Action...

Sorry guys... keep you waiting so long for me didn't update my blog...
Lately got a lot things unexpected happened to me, i go do surgery on my TEETH...

lucky i don't have the picture... if not u guys sure laugh...

Now I'm BO GEH jor... i go pull out my wisdom tooth.
Then come second unexpected thing, i become my friend's baby KAI YER...

here is the baby !! cute leh !

That all for today... wait for my next update la !!

a.R.n.o.L.d ~ |豪少|

Saturday, March 7, 2009

UCSI _ Bunkasai Event

Being a committee member is a very Fan.. My Uni and my club has held the Bunkasai Event this event is about the Japanese culturer and Cosplay Event. I dunno what else to talk about.. For those who didn't come to join us i sure u will regret... A lot of leng luis that night...
wahahahahahahah !!!!!!

A picture show a thousand words..
Before the event starts.

All people are setting up their store.

During the event.

BUNKASAI EVENT usher here with me ~ wow... hahahaha.

My friend playing Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo ~ Ichigo is here in BUNKASAI EVENT.

Leng Lui displaying their cosplay.

All committee member and cosplay contestant.

Me and a johor friend together selling coupon at COUPON COUNTER ~

Me and YUN FENG.

Playing around with Ken Su after the closing ceremony.

Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo win the 1st prices at cosplay competition.

All committee members taking photo ~ My boss is here too, Boon Chin...

My friend Benjamin bring 2 Leng Lui, and play some mini games, both of them win some fishy... zadao..

aRnold VS Bleach Byakuya ~

Abarai Renji is a girl ????? OMG.....

Cosplay contestant posting at the event ~

This leng lui i dunno what cosplay she doing... =.="

WoW... this picture very pro leh ~ showing me.. 1 boy hug 2 girls.... wahhahahahahaha !!!!!

~ aRnold VS Bleach Ichigo ~

Abarai Renji lend me his sword.... A God of Death hand over his sword to me... what willl happend next ??? Of couse is, i go Chop people....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miracle happen ~

Today is my first time drive out my mom's Nissan Extrail, then i go to my club meeting & rehearsal for tomorrow's Bunkasai Event at my Uni (UCSI).
The head of my department, damm bull shit and having a crap at the meeting, didn't point out the main point to discuss, zadao !!! ~
After that i shout out for my opinion only the topic finish, wasted 1 hour crapping.... sian !!!
Then, i'm very free so go help out other group to decorate the hall for tomorrow's event, i went to lifting the table, chair, and the big signboard about the BUNKASAI EVENT, hurt myself, suan. I'm not careful enough can't blame other.
In the meantime, the dancing group having rehearsal too, those international student at my Uni (Arabian, Afican) all starring towards us while i'm helping to hang the poster at the stage... MALU !
Then, the security group call those people who is not involve in this event to go out.
So brave those security group, the international student taller then them about 1 head... hahaha!
Tangkat him and throw out also can....

Then come a girl, that girl keeps me starring toward her direction all time, Damm pretty!!
This girl is incharge of the usher ! When VIP comes they go to welcome those VIP. That their job, so easy, not like us.
Then the OC (organizer chairman) order and show those usher how the walk when the VIP comes, very funny, our OC sudden act 1 of our VIP Miss Lim. AH GUA !!!!! hahahahaha

He makes all the croud laughing...
The time is clocking, and i watch my watch is already 6.45pm, they still not ready yet for last rehearsal, damm it !! PA system Aaron, using the mike and start scolding those MOR JER ! haha ! Then they go for final rehearsal, it take us another 30 min to end it... very slow... Beh Tahan !! summore we are in a hall without air-cond, super hottttt !!!

Then it finally ends ! i terus find the head and tell him we wanna go home, then the girl i like also go out and waiting for sutter bus ! and i offer her a ride, and send her to LRT station. That a miracle for me, i though she will reject my offer and still wanna wait for the bus.

First day drive big car, send a big leng lui go back... very miracle... xie xie lao tian yerrr